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  • How can I access FireblazingTV service?
    FireBlazingTV can be accessed on multiple devices. On FireSticks and other streaming devices, Android phones and tablets, Mac's and PC's via the FireBlazing app located on here on our Downloads page. On iPhones, iPads and most Smart TV's via the IPTV Smarter's app via each devices app store or here on their website. Directions for setting up each device are located here on our How To Page. If you need any further assistance setting up your devices please contact us via the Let's Chat button on our website and we'll be happy to assist you in setting your device.
  • I just purchased service but my service is not working?
    This could be for a couple of reasons, first your account may not be completly setup or extended yet. Each account is now entered manually so it could take some time to have your account fully setup. *Note that services are activated in the order they are received, if it's been longer than a few hours and you haven't received you username and password please send us a message via the Let's Chat button on our website to check on the status of your order. ** Note Orders placed after hours may be setup the following day.
  • I have received my login credential by email but I an getting a message that my account has expired. What should I do?
    Upon receiving your login credentials it is important that you enter the information exactly as it is in the email, your login credentials are case sensitive. If entered incorrectly you will get this error message.
  • Do you offer a referral service?
    Yes we do! For each successful referral that signs up for a new line of service, you will be awarded an additional month of service to your current account. *Note you will be required to provide the name of your referral so that they can be verified and for your account to be credited.
  • Do you offer free trials?
    We currently are not offering free trials but may look into doing so in the future.
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